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After hard day everyone deserves to relax, and to get rid of the daily stress. In Hotel River it's possible.


Hotel's guests can use the indoor swimming-pool with counter-current and heated water, which strenghtes the body and refresh your mind. Take your relaxation to the new level.


For admirers of finnish inventions you can find real finnish sauna in here which you can use while staying at the hotel as you like for even better relaxation.


For hotel guests the swimming pool and sauna are accessible from 17:30 to 21:00.

Massage offer in hotel river's wellness center


Classic massage to order:


30 min. = 12 €

60 min. = 18 €


In time from 17.30 – 21.00 hod.


In case of interest please contact the receptionist on the phone number 100. We accept orders in advance, till 6:00 pm that day.

Swimming pool


Swimming is one of the best methods how to stay fit, loose soe weight and to grow muscles.  Being in water also brighten your body and mind and freshen not even our ideas. Please visit our wellness centre, you'll enjoy and by the same time you'll do something good for yourself.



Hotel River's swimming pool has installed counter-current which can be an equal opponent even to the experienced swimmers with great endurance.



Thanks the automatic water heating system, water temperature never falls below warm 32°C.




Finnish sauna is great for our health and it prevents different illneses. At the same time is enhancing our immunity. Sweat is taking away all the toxins and cooling in cold water raises our hardiness. Sauna is great for those, who would like to take care about theirselves – it is not a coincidence that poepole from Finnland are the most healty people in the world.



Sauna effects:


■  raised temperature ease the muscle pain and makes the movement smoother

■  good long sweating is taking away all the skin dirtiness which has great cosmetical meaning

■  prevents flu, caughs and all similar illnesses


Sauna advantages:


■  body detoxication

■  good brain, skin and limps congestation

■  rapid heat and cold stretch and narrow blood-veins which makes them more elastic

■  after hard work sauna rids the body of tiredness

■  Do not hesitate and try the effects of finnish sauna on yourself. As always, Hotel River is offering you something more...


Child centre


Centre Hviezdica is a unique project supporting child swimming, trying to help mothers and their kids in every way possible.


Complete care means:

■  exercising with swimming

■  exercising children with parrents

■  child swimming

■  first grade's swimming

■  rehabilitating exercising

■  family swimming

■  ... and others

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